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Construction Portfolio

Genesis project

Somerset College of Arts & Technology (SCAT)

The concept behind the Centre is to demonstrate the many techniques and materials in sustainable construction.

Straw Bale Pavilion at Genesis (SCAT)


Genesis comprises a central area partially intersected by a series of pavilions, each
demonstrating a different approach to sustainable construction. The externally protruding portion of each pavilion is fully finished and weather tight, whilst the internally protruding sections have their finish fabric stripped away to reveal their construction.

The DCRS Construction team built the straw pavilion to show that straw bale
technology is viable in a modern environment.

Design Features


Linked to buildings of different materials

Stripped finish to reveal construction

Water tight

Multi-use space

DCRS, Willow Barn, Farrington, Blandford, Dorset DT11 8RA

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