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Eyebridge Cottages

Working on behalf of The National Trust and St Ann's Gate Architects, DCRS Construction rebuilt the cottages using straw bale technology.

Eyebridge Cottages rebuilt using straw bale technology


The Grade 2 listed cottages on the Kingston Lacey Estate were originally of cob construction and were destroyed by fire in 2010. They were to be re-built to the same footprint with original features.

Design Features

Rather than build from new with cob, the cottages were rebuilt using straw bale technology as this better fitted the time scale and budget. Straw provided a similar footprint to the original cob and the thick walls a similar thermal mass.

As with cob, the walls were traditionally lime plastered and rendered.

The bricks from the original chimney breasts were saved and used to build the chimneys in the new cottages.

Local thatchers sub contractored to thatch the roofs.


The Eyebridge Cottages rebuild was started in 2011 and completed in summer 2012.

These are the first straw properties in Dorset for the Trust and their second straw bale build in the country. This is the first two-storey straw bale project for DCRS Construction.

Recent research has shown that lime plastered straw walls will withstand fire for over 2 hours, which exceeds Building Regulations that require a minimum 30 minutes rating.

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