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DCRS Construction

DCRS's sister company undertakes commercial building works, naturally specialising in sustainable and traditional building by it's small, specialist team. Click here to view current projects



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Low-Impact Network

Low Inpact Network

As of June 2012 we became a part of the Low-Inpact Network which is administered by LILI, the Low Impact Living Initiative.

All member companies and organisations have genuine green credentials, and assess their products and services as a whole before branding them sustainable, rather than many large companies that use ''greenwash' as a means to promotes and protect themselves, rather than the environment.

DCRS Dorset Centre for Rural Skills Dorset Centre for Rural Skills (DCRS) Building and craft courses

Clayworks Clayworks Clay / earth plasters

Cold smoking Coldsmoking - Food smoking, Milton Keynes

Greenleaves Greenleaves Herbal Health - herbal medicine & courses, London

Hemp-Lime Construct Hemp-lime Construct - Hemp building

LILI Low-impact Living Initiative (LILI) - Environmental organisation

Open Door Renewables Open Door Renewables - Renewables courses in Bath

Real Refurbs Real Refurbs - Retrofitting

Small world soaps Small World Soaps - Natural soaps

Stoves on line Stoves Online - Wood stoves, back boilers, flues etc.

Strawhaus Strawhaus - Clay / earth & lime plastering

Whole woods Wholewoods - Woodland crafts & round wood timber framing

World tents World Tents - Tipis & yurts

WWOOF WWOOF UK - Volunteers on organic farms




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