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Low-Impact Network

Low Impact Network

As of June 2012 we became a part of the Low-Impact Network which is administered by LILI, the Low Impact Living Initiative.

All member companies and organisations have genuine green credentials, and assess their products and services as a whole before branding them sustainable, rather than many large companies that use ''greenwash' as a means to promotes and protect themselves, rather than the environment.



Local Accommodation (to Willow Barn, DT11 8RA)

Pub with rooms - Saxon Inn (5 min drive)

Hotel - The Anvil Inn (15 min drive)

Local Arts & Crafts

Charlie Baird - Artist

Emsie Sharp Glass

Rachel Sargent - Dorset Artist

Shalimar Designs - Greenwood Furniture, Hurdle Making and Hedge Laying

Arts, Rush & Cane Erica Hemming Rush Seat Restoration & Workshop/Gallery

Other Straw Bale Builds

Find out how other have people got on, what they learnt, and about the new straw bale buildings they now have.

Bristol Green House

Caroline Barry

General Straw Bale & Sustainable Building Information


The Straw Bale Building.co.uk

Other Centers for Learning

The Magdalen Project

Monkton Wyld Court

Building Services

DCRS Construction - Specialists in Sustainable & Traditional Building. Tel. 01747 811099

Lime Suppliers


Mike Wye

Local Businesses

Casterbridge Plant Supports


DCRS, Willow Barn, Farrington, Blandford, Dorset DT11 8RA

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