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Rob Buckley

Rob is the Director and Founder of DCRS and teaches our Straw Bale Building course, Welding Day and Lime Day. There's almost nothing Rob can't make, fix or build and is a fountain of knowledge. He has a run a traditional building company for over 30 years and a local forge. Rob's beliefs regarding climate change have shaped the way he builds and trades and along with Suzy Carr founded DCRS's sound ethical policies long before 'greenwash' was adopted in the mainstream.

Rob is a specialist on chalk cob which is unique to North Dorset and has saved many a cottage from the perils of cement. He has been a guest speaker and lecturer to the industry on sustainable building methods and is often asked to consult on new building projects. He is is firm believer of passing on skills, and when his own company, DCRS Construction, was too busy to take on new projects, has trained other building firms. His vision of co-operation rather competition has been key to DCRS's success.

Suzy Carr

Suzy is a co-Director of DCRS and all her work she does for the organisation is on a voluntary basis. Long before it was popular, Suzy believed in products being ethical and local and being an artist herself, has bought local talents and products to the attention of the community. As DCRS's Director she believes in everyone being treated equally and has gone above and beyond to support the careers of the people she works alongside. Together with Rob, she has created the can-do yet friendly atmosphere that exists at DCRS.

Suzy is passionate about animals and has participated in many conservation projects world wide. These days, she is a volunteer home checker for several local dog rehoming centres and currently has five rescued greyhounds and lurchers herself who are a constant and welcome presence in the DCRS office.

Nicky Mullen

Nicky left the corporate world in 2006 with a desire to do better business and quickly hooked up with DCRS. It was match made in heaven and Nicky has managed DCRS since 2007 covering all the office functions from creating new courses, events, publicity and even painting a few straw bale walls.

For as long as she can remember she has been in love with her home county, Dorset, and all traditional things associated with it. Under Rob and Suzy's expert guidance, Nicky has a sound understanding of sustainable issues and enjoys participating in the creative processes of the people working close to DCRS. Her lurcher is the sixth member of the 'DCRS pack'.

Jeff Dove

Like Rob, Jeff is a very capable and practical person with sound environmental values. For the last ten years he has been building sustainably and before that was working as a qualified roofer and fully coded welder. He has traveled and worked his way all over Europe, experiencing first hand off-grid living solutions and is currently settled in Dorset.

Jeff has now gone back to his first love, welding, and provides a bespoke service fixing and fabricating tools, engine parts and almost anything you can think of. As global industry has geared itself up to 'throw away' products for profit, this service has become invaluable both for the environment and the discerning consumer.

Emsie Sharp

Emsie studied glass at West Surrey College of Art and Design completing a BA Hons in 1996. She has worked in various studios around the world including three years on the Island of Murano, Venice. There she assisted in the making of wine glasses and chandeliers.  Since her return to England in 2002 she based her own studio at DCRS where she has developed her skills to make both functional and decorative items and abstract work. 

She specialises in stem ware and recently has been working with the National Trust at Mompesson House, contributing to their 18th century wine glass exhibition. Emsie was recently commissioned by the BBC in collaboration with the National Trust to produce Georgian inspired wine glasses for their series "The Manor Reborn" which was aired in December 2011.

Sharp Glass is now based just down the road in Child Okeford and her lurcher is the seventh member of the 'DCRS pack'.


Alex Pole

Alex has had a lifelong passion for metalwork of all types and started his training as a jewellery maker in 1990, he followed this with blacksmithing in 1994, and has worked professionally in both fields ever since. Alex Pole Ironwork Ltd was established in 2006 to provide high quality, contemporary and functional metalwork for the home and garden.

Both modern and traditional techniques are used at the forge in South Somerset where all work is produced by hand and, wherever possible, using materials sourced from the local area. As well as developing new products for the range Alex spends a great deal of time designing and making bespoke commissions for private clients, project managers and furniture designers. He also run regular courses in blacksmithing.

One of his primary aims is to promote British blacksmithing, and other rural crafts, and to make it accessible and affordable to the general public. Alex is fully committed to running a sustainable UK business and will reuse, recycle, and salvage when and where he can.

Joe Leach

Joe also recognised that traditional buildings required traditional products long before it was popular, and like Rob, decided to do something about it. Together with his family members he founded Limebase in 1994, making lime readily available in the area. Limebase produces and supplies lime and traditional materials and tools. He has supplied and advised DCRS since the start and our lime courses are now based there. He is a welcome face on the course and his phone calls to DCRS are a definite favourite!

There are many other people we have worked with over the years that have become firm friends and we wish we had space to mention them all here. We have though, listed them on our links page, so please check it out...



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