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Why use lime?



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Lime Day—Plasters, Mortars, Renders & Washes

Rob Buckley teaching lime rendering techniques
Rob Buckley teaching students
lime rendering techniques.

Lime is an invaluable material, both in new sustainable building and when renovating and repairing older properties. 

Lime Day is a blend of theory and practical work, from health and safety basics to mixing and applying mortars, renders, plasters and washes.  It also covers basic 'old house' technology which is invaluable for anyone living in an property with solid walls.

During the day the following topics will be covered:

  • History of lime, from the mists of time to the present day
  • The chemistry and production of lime, ‘The Lime Cycle’
  • The role of lime as an environmentally friendly material
  • The need for houses to 'breathe'
  • Various types of lime and their uses and abuses
  • Lime renders, plaster and limewashes, their production and methods of use with reference to external and internal renders, plasters, and the various substrates encountered such as lath and plaster, cob, stone, brick, etc.
  • Natural pigments and their applications
  • Practical use of trowels, floats and other tools
  • Introduction to use of a compressor powered render gun
  • Use of lime in renovation of old buildings and in new buildings
  • Lime mortars, their production and methods of mixing and use with reference to stone, brick, unfired earth blocks, etc.
  • Repointing and the various styles
  • Lime based foundations; concrete & mass brick/stone
  • Mortar colours, sands, pigment etc

There are a maximum of 8 places on the course with DCRS director and tutor Rob Buckley.  Rob has been building sustainably and repairing older properties for over 25 years with his building companies BBI and DCRS Construction Ltd. Rob has developed and been running this DCRS course for 10 years.

As this is a small class, any particular aspect of lime or building work can be discussed with the tutor on the day.

Typical Course Participants:

  • Anyone who has purchased or lives in an older property and wishes to learn about how it should be maintained.
  • Anyone who wishes to carry out lime DIY to their property (no previous building knowledge required).
  • Trades people, builders, plasterers who wish to extend their skills to include lime working future professional jobs.

Lime day cost


Price includes book 'Lime in Building' - a Practical Guide' by Jane Schofield

Next course dates

  • Friday 24th May 2019 Full pending confirmation


Limebase, Isle Brewers, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 6QP


Please contact us to request a place on a course. There will be an autumn date to follow.

Past quotes

"This course is must for homeowners and building professionals. The content was delivered well and easy to follow. Fantastic."

Leslie, February 2013

“Informal and efficient presentation, friendly atmosphere, excellent tutor who clearly knows his subject."
Roger, Crewkerne

"Excellent! A good mix of background, history, theory and practice."
Max, Trent

"Enjoyable and informative. Excellent value for money"

Daniel, Gillingham

DCRS, Willow Barn, Farrington, Blandford, Dorset DT11 8RA

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